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Detection Canines



Detection Canines

Concerns about safety and security, specifically the presence of drugs, alcohol, or firearms, at schools and workplaces deserve the best response and monitoring services. The Centurion Group recommends the highly trained usage of Detection Canines. The Centurion Group's Detection Canine teams serve as both a tool for detection and a deterrent on any campus or in any workplace.

Our Canine Teams are typically brought in beforehand, introduced to your students and/or employees, and placed into use subsequently. The dogs are brought in randomly and unannounced to search specific areas or an entire campus. Our Canine Detection partner uses only gentle, mild-mannered breeds all of which are known to be human-friendly. Should contraband be detected, the responsible party is usually summoned, given a summary about the Canine Team's capabilities and offered an opportunity for explanation. Contraband is seized and sealed in an evidence bag and given to a school or company's officials. Any and all disciplinary action is at the client's discretion.

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